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You love beautiful lettering and get excited about learning new styles and techniques to use for creating cards, decorating envelopes, and designing stunning artwork.

You seek high-quality calligraphy exemplars, drills and practice sheets, project ideas, technical know-how, and in-the-trenches business savvy that will take you to the next level faster.

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Calligraphy Crush Testimonial

This mag has all the inspiration!!!

Thank you for such a wonderful magazine that is both inspirational and informative! There is so much to aspire to when doing calligraphy and this magazine certainly helps to bring an artist to the next level. I love the stories, real working examples, and the exemplars shared. This definitely a calligrapher’s dream mag!

~ Rawlsphotog, App Store Review.

Who we are

Calligraphy Crush is a digital magazine designed, written, and published by professional calligraphers for creatives who are passionate about historical and modern calligraphy, hand lettering, watercolor illustration, stationery, and all things enhanced with beautiful writing.

Our feature artists share calligraphy tips and tricks, lettering tutorials, creative design processes, and advice for beginning to intermediate calligraphers. Many have taken their calligraphy from hobby to side hustle to successful full-time careers.

We curate calligraphy knowledge and inspiration from well-known and beloved calligraphers (and from a few talented ones who fly under the radar).

Our readers share our love of learning new techniques and discovering how the best calligraphers develop their unique styles and lucrative businesses.

Calligraphy Crush doesn’t just provide information, we provide insight and Aha! moments.

Your mission is to take action and practice what you learn from each exciting issue!